Benefits To Civil Divisions

Sheriff's Office Civil Divisions

An innovation that has changed an industry now tailored to help civil divisions control expenses. Harnessing the latest technologies to operate any size civil division. How many hours each week does it take your deputies to prepare accurate affidavits and reports? CivilUnit will make their job a whole lot easier.The CivilUnit smartphone application allows civil process to be documented with third parties as proof of service. When the service begins, the GPS location is recorded, along with a time and date stamp.

CivilUnit‘s secure web application is the professional civil division software that provides administrative features for monitoring work flow, invoicing abilities, accounting and complete record keeping for all customers.The web application also automatically calculates fees and mileage charges, as well as miscellaneous charges, amounts received, and amounts refunded.When the deputy completes the service, the information is sent to the database and checked by the office personnel. An affidavit is then generated from the information in the database. All the while, the record of progress is accessible to customer who can follow the record in real time.

  1. Cost saving from affidavits being created automatically.
  2. Rules of Civil Procedure at your deputies fingertips for each service
  3. Cost savings from training reduced from weeks to hours
  4. Time, date and GPS location verified for each service
  5. Crucial information transferred from one service to another
  6. Ability to capture the conversation between the deputy and defendant
  7. Clients can log in and see service progress in real time
  8. Standard operating procedure followed on each service
  9. Systemic reduced risk of human error