Tablet, Smart Phone and Laptop Application Features

Sheriff's Office Civil Divisions

Our smart phone and tablet applications makes deputies faster and efficient in the field.

  1. All service information recorded in seconds
  2. Rules of Civil Procedure programmed and available to deputies
  3. Deputy prompted to follow standard delivery procedures
  4. Photos captured and stamped with time, date and GPS location
  5. Time, date and GPS data on services verified by third parties
  6. Recipient tab prompts capture of full name and relationship to servee
  7. Location tab captures “Address of record” or Neutral location
  8. Ability to capture physical descriptions
  9. Ability to capture the conversation between deputy and person to be served
  10. Special instructions carry from one service to any future services
  11. Bad Address tab emails prompt to office for skip tracing
  12. Available on iPhone or Android platforms